Authentic Products

All of our products are 100% authentic in perfect working condition. All watches come complete with box sets, instruction manuals, serial numbers, and dealer stamped warranty paperwork unless noted otherwise. The vintage watches are gently worn & carefully selected to ensure that they are in superb condition & will make our clients happy with their purchase. A complete inspection, cleaning & servicing is performed on vintage watches prior to being sold. We do NOT sell replica products.

Serial Numbers

While many other Internet watch companies sell watches that have had their serial numbers polished out, it is our strict company policy to sell only perfect product with serial numbers intact, and whenever possible or applicable, a dealer stamped warranty certificate.

DavidSW uses the following terms in our descriptions to give an accurate understanding of what to expect in your new timepiece:

Unworn – Timepiece is sealed with Factory Plastics still in place.

Mint – Timepiece is under 1 year old and exhibits no wear to the naked eye and may have some Factory Plastics still in place.

Excellent – Timepiece exhibits very light wear with no dents or dings.

Very Good – Timepiece has some signs of wear. Small dents or dings may be present. Crystal may have visible chips or scratches.

Good – Timepiece shows wear visible to the naked eye and may need a service soon. Crystal my show visible scratches and/or chips.

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