10 Reasons why a Rolex is the Best Investment

What comes to mind when you hear the word Rolex? If you are like most, the words ‘style, wealth, power, luxury, and timelessness’ quickly seep into your thoughts when contemplating the brand. You might also think of the brand as a viable investment option that you would like to explore. If this sounds like you, read on to learn 10 reasons the Rolex brand makes a great investment:

1.) Timelessness and Appreciation

As with any investment, you want your asset to appreciate, not depreciate. Rolex watches fit the bill in this category nicely as they will increase in value, especially if they are vintage. Much like a fine wine, a Rolex’s value will only improve over time.

2.) Recognized Brand

Another important element in any investment is general market awareness. In other words, if no one has ever heard of your watch brand when it comes time to liquidate your investment, can you really expect much of a return? The answer is no. Thankfully, Rolex is a name known and trusted the world over, which should give you confidence investing in the brand. In fact, the Rolex brand is more recognizable than virtually any other luxury watch brand, making it THE name in luxury.

3.) Historic Backing

The Rolex brand is inextricably linked with history. Hans Wilsdorf founded the brand in 1905 with the dream of creating a timepiece one could wear on the wrist. His dream led him to design the historic brand of Rolex that still impresses even the harshest of critics of today.

4.) They are Attainable

A Rolex watch is something you can easily obtain, unlike some types of investments for which you have to search far and wide. Of course, vintage watches might require a search, but new models are easy enough to find.

5.) Easily Given

When contemplating investment options, one important aspect to consider is how easily the assets can be transferred to another person. You can give a watch in your collection to whomever you like relatively easily.

6.) Small Product Line

One of the main reasons that Rolex watches hold their value is the fact that they keep their product line small. Rolex stick to their classics and keeps a more exclusive variety than say, Omega, who has peppered the field with many different models throughout the years. In essence, this move by Rolex has made the watches that do exist even more valuable.

7.) Allows Some to “Give” an Investment

By purchasing a Rolex for someone, you are giving them two gifts at once. One, of course, is a beautiful, luxurious timepiece they will be happy to own. Another, though, is a wearable, useful investment.

8.) It’s Something You Can Hold

There is something to be said for being able to hold your investment in your hand. Unlike a mutual fund that will only provide you a print out of your current financial state, your watch is tangible. You can see it, hold it and wear it.

9.) Easy to Liquidate

When it comes time to reap the benefits of your investments, you can run into some challenges with certain types of investments. With specific retirement based accounts, for example, you are penalized for liquidating the investment too early. When it comes to a Rolex, though, you can liquidate your investment whenever you like whenever you need to free up some resources.

10.) They Communicate Success

Rolex is synonymous with success. Therefore, owning a Rolex watch means you have achieved a level of success with which you can be proud. This is another reason that Rolex watches make the very best investment.

When you are ready to begin building your investment in the Rolex watch brand, you can find a great selection to get you started here at DavidSW. Admittedly, building an investment portfolio on any product requires extensive knowledge of said product. This means you should study the brand of Rolex carefully before choosing your first investment timepiece. However, no matter what you choose, by going with a Rolex, you know you are making a sound investment.

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