A Brief Overview of Omega Watches and The Most Popular Models

Omega is one of the most popular and well-known watchmakers in the world, second only to perhaps Rolex in the hierarchy of brands. But unlike Rolex, Omega watches are quite accessible on the used market, making them somewhat of a value pick. We think that they’re way more than just a discount Rolex, though, and we’re here to tell you why.

If you consider, for a moment, that Omega’s watches have been to the moon, to great depths under the seas, and on the wrists of some of the most iconic people in the world as they’ve achieved incredible things, you’ll start to get the picture. Omega became part of the Swatch Group in 1998, putting it alongside brands like Breguet and Blancpain. It’s true that the company isn’t its own empire, so to speak, like Rolex, but Omega has kept its heritage in mind and has grown into a true behemoth in the watch world today. 

Omega Seamaster

Bond, James Bond. Where the iconic spy once wore Rolex Submariners, Omega won the battle for 007’s wrist and became the watch of choice for silver-screen spies. Since then, royalty, celebrities, and a whole generation of watch collectors have flocked to the Seamaster and its descendants. Omega has built the watch into an entire empire of styles, sizes, and special editions. One of the most successful has been the Planet Ocean series, which offers greater depth ratings and ultra-modern case designs. 

Notable Models

The “Bond”

We’re showing the latest model here, but the Seamaster Professional 300 in blue with a wave dial is the one that Pierce Brosnan made famous. Believe it or not, the watch 007 made famous was powered by a quartz movement. Today, the 007 Edition model features a lightweight titanium case, an aluminum bezel, and a unique selection of bracelets.

Modern Ceramics

The Seamasters of today feature wave dials and color ceramic bezels, but retain the classic look that has defined the watches for decades. Modern Seamaster models also feature the latest coaxial movements and construction methods.

Planet Ocean

The Seamaster Planet Ocean is an evolution of the legendary timepiece. Defined by sword-style hands and beefy case designs, the Planet Ocean is a modern diver’s watch that is as tough as it is interesting to look at.

Omega Speedmaster

Most people, even those who don’t tend to care much about watches, know about the Omega Speedmaster – the legendary moonwatch. Beyond the Apollo missions, the Speedmaster is a must-have for newcomers starting to build their collections. Like it did with the Seamaster, Omega built the Speedmaster into its own universe of watches, with special editions and different versions to commemorate world events. Today, the watch can be found in different sizes, colors, and even exotic case materials, such as ceramic. 

Notable Models

“Side of the Moon” Watches

Some of the most interesting Speedmaster variants are the ceramic-cased Dark/Blue/Grey/White/Other Side of the Moon watches. These timepieces include focused special models, such as the Apollo 8 “Dark Side of the Moon,” which features flashes of yellow and a partially skeletonized dial. Others come in unique colors and carry date complications, such as the “Blue Side of the Moon.”

First Omega In Space

The watch that started it all can still be had today, new from the factory. Omega has, at various points in time, offered it with either Hesalite or Sapphire, and some models feature an open caseback to show off the manual-wind movement. No matter how it’s configured, the original is still the one to have.

Speedmaster Racing

Despite its use as a spacewalk companion, the Speedmaster has its roots buried deep in motorsport. The Speedmaster Racing is a tribute to that history, and features racing-inspired dial markings, bright colors, and vintage leather straps.

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