Featured Watch: The Rolex Yacht-Master

If you’re looking for a luxury timepiece that makes a statement about your affinity for sailing and precision watchmaking, then the Rolex Yacht-Master is right for you. The high-quality features, functionality and models in this collection give you the versatility to express yourself.

Common Features

The Yacht-Master comes in several different models, but there are commonalities between them. Shared features include a scratch resistant sapphire, water resistance up to 100 meters, or 330 feet, and certified movements. Precision timekeeping enables you to calculate the sailing time between two buoys, which is ideal if you’re a competitive sailor or you have ambitions to become one. Each model has a distinct look and is made from a combination of precious and durable materials.

The bracelets for some models are the same, but there is variability between the materials used. Materials can range from metals such as yellow gold to white gold or steel. A theme common among the bracelets is quality, which is a distinct advantage to buying a Rolex.

Yacht Master 40

With a 40mm case made of steel and precious metals, the Yacht Master 40 is aesthetically pleasing and reliable. It has a power reserve of 48 hours and is bidirectional self-winding, further enhancing the timepiece’s functionality and ease of use. The wrist presence of this watch is not bulky, but instead sends a message of sophistication and affluence.

The model’s 3135 calibre self-winding movement is designed and manufactured completely by Rolex. Rolex perpetual movements have a reputation for excellence and are reliable, evidenced by the 3135’s certification as a Swiss chronometer. To get this certification, high-precision watches must pass Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute tests.

Yacht Master II

The 44mm steel case of the Yacht Master II is stark and reliable, while a unique bidirectional rotatable Ring Command bezel aids in the functionality of the watch. The bezel has a blue cerachrom insert in ceramic with inscription and engraved numerals, for a high-quality finish. This model has a 72-hour power reserve and a perpetual regatta chronograph movement.

The 4161 calibre movement manufactured by Rolex consists of over 360 components and is a refined mechanism perfected through decades of watchmaking experience. The monobloc middle case, screw down case back and winding crown make the watch easy to access and inspect, if there is a need for repairs or refinements.

Yacht-Master 37

The Yacht-Master 37, aptly named for the model’s 37mm case, is another take on this collection of watches. It has a power reserve of 55 hours and has flexible bracelet made from metal blades over-moulded with elastomer. It has center hour, minute and second hands, along with an instantaneous date with rapid setting.

The 2236 calibre movement by Rolex is another example of the quality and reliability of this collection of watches. It is self-winding and comes with a date display, showcasing Rolex’s innovative design techniques and ability to meet or exceed watch enthusiasts’ expectations.


The materials for this watch collection vary from steel to Everose gold and platinum, depending on the model you select and the available options. You also have different dial colors to choose from, allowing you to optimize the watch you select, to match your style and wardrobe. There is no reason not to have several models at home, giving you the flexibility to wear the watch that best reflects your mood or situation.

Competitive Edge

Rolex has been making watches for mariners for decades and has made the Yacht Master with competitive sailing in mind. You can make precise measurements of time given the movement, allowing you to hone your skills and identify opportunities for improvement. Competitive racers use the Yacht Master to highlight their taste in fine watches and their level of skill in the racing world.

There is no better way to display your taste in luxury timepieces and knowledge of navigation than with the Rolex Yacht-Master. This dynamic Swiss watch is the master of the oceans and embodies sailing. It’s stepped full of tradition and has a reputation for excellence.

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