Getting to Know the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark  

Switzerland is home to the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), which explains why TUDOR watches are manufactured in Switzerland. TUDOR’s proprietary self-winding mechanical movement fills a reserve that powers its watches for up to 70 hours. A screw-down winding crown creates a seal that keeps water at bay. The stunning face of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Black PVD-Treated 41 MM Case

The Heritage Black Bay Dark model features a characteristic 41 mm steel case. A black PVD-treated finish is applied to create the distinctive look of the Black Bay Dark. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is used to create this robust satin matte finish that resembles black military utility equipment. PVD allows a thin film of inorganic material to bond with steel. Even with the use of state-of-the-art technologies, it is possible to notice wear and tear in the PVD coating over time, so care must be taken to protect the black finish from developing wear patterns.

Manufacture Calibre of the TUDOR

The Heritage Black Bay model earned a unique variant of the TUDOR Manufacture Calibre. TUDOR announced its own high-performance calibre known as MT5602 in 2015. A 70-hour power reserve speaks to the robust nature of the MT5602. Hours, minutes, and seconds are on display as the Black Bay beats to a frequency of 28,800 beats/hour. A variable inertia oscillator relies on the versatility of the silicon balance spring to provide accuracy and precision. Movement of the MT5602 is certified by the COSC.

Winding with a Screwed-Down Crown

The TUDOR Black Bay must be wound manually by unscrewing the crown and turning it clockwise. It will be necessary to wind the Black Bay before first use or anytime it stops. To reseal the case, the screw-down crown makes contact with the case to form a waterproof seal. The TUDOR Black Bay comes with a self-winding mechanical component that is powered by wrist movements. To preserve consistent operation and achieve optimal winding capacity, the Black Bay should be worn daily.

Position A is the seal position that provides guaranteed waterproofness. The crown is wound-down forming a hermetic seal.

Position B is the manual winding position. Unscrew the crown and turn it clockwise.

Position C is used to adjust time. After unscrewing the crown, pull it out to the last notch and turn it in either direction to reach the correct time.

Historical References Abound

The French National Navy wore TUDOR watches in the 1970s that featured angular hands that resemble a snowflake. 1958 brought with it the famous 7924 reference known as the Big Crown. Sportsmen from across the ages approve of the strength offered by the prominent winding crown found on the Black Bay Dark.

Unidirectional Rotatable Bezel

Safety parameters include the use of a unidirectional bezel to prevent dive time errors. The bezel includes 60 minute markers that enhance precise measurement of dive times. Visibility is enhanced during low-light dives thanks to the luminescent material that fills the zero marker on the bezel. Lumination of the hour markers and watch hands improves legibility.

Bracelet Options

One may choose the sleek industrial feel of a black matte satin steel bracelet. If the smooth warmth of an aged leather strap is preferred, know that quality is not sacrificed. Both options have a steel folding clasp that has been coated with a PVD finish. Being a watch born for adventure, the Heritage Black Bay Dark also comes with an extra grey fabric strap woven according to a century-old traditional French Jacquard technique. This strap is a signature feature of TUDOR’s Heritage line.


Due to the nature of the self-winding mechanism, there is little day-to-day maintenance required. A microfiber cloth can be used to maintain the shine on the black PVD treated finish. When outdoor adventures cause significant soiling, a soft brush and soapy water can be used to clear debris from the watch. Always check that the crown is screwed down and sealed properly before cleaning.

TUDOR recognizes the Heritage Black Bay as one of its most popular contemporary watches. Known for incorporating the best features of the company’s past designs, aesthetic changes to the dial and bracelet complete the outward appearance of the Heritage Black Bay. The addition of COSC certification reflects the addition of a superior chronometer powered by in-house movement.

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