Happy Holidays from DavidSW.com!

white black d invert

The Holidays are in full swing here at DavidSW. We are packing boxes daily and working through till FedEx cannot pickup any longer! As you may have noticed, I cleaned out the “Newly Listed” file and am starting from scratch again this week. Every Sunday I will clean out the section so you may stay on top of what exactly has been added for the week.

With that said, this week I would like everyone to stop for one moment and think about what the Holiday season means to them. From time to time I try to stop everything and just enjoy what life has offered me whether it be family or friends. Feel free to comment below what the Holidays mean to you and your family, some traditions you celebrate, and most importantly….What watch will you be wearing?!

From all of us at DavidSW, we wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!



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