Here’s Why Richard Mille Watches are So Special

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If you’re shopping for a new watch, you’ll easily find dozens of Omegas, Rolexes, and even ultra-high-end pieces from Patek Philippe, and while the price tag may not always be agreeable, there are always several pieces to choose from. One brand that is both more exclusive and more expensive than all of the rest is Richard Mille, and while you may be familiar with the brand, you’re likely wondering what makes them special enough to command a six-figure price tag. Here’s a quick primer.

Richard Mille
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RM dreams up the designs and then brings them to life with materials and construction methods not often seen outside the world of bespoke racing cars and perhaps even space travel. We’re talking about movements made out of materials such as brass and precious stones and cases built out of proprietary fusion materials with carbon, titanium, and other rarities.

Imagine designing a part and then having to design, engineer, and build the tools to create it, all in-house. This is why Richard Mille’s designs are so fun to analyze and even more fun to look at. They’re among the most technically advanced and design-forward pieces of jewelry or even machinery around. Does that justify the price tags that these watches command? That’s up to you, or more importantly, the people buying them. RM regularly sells every piece it can make and then some, which is all the justification it needs to continue making and selling the ultra-exclusive and expensive timepieces.

Richard Mille
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You’ll frequently see RM’s watches on the wrists of Formula 1 drivers, tennis stars, and even Olympic athletes. This is not just because those people make excellent brand ambassadors. It’s because RM’s timepieces, as insanely intricate as they appear, are built to withstand shocks and impacts better than other automatic watches, making them excellent companions for high-stress, high-movement activities such as hitting a tennis ball or steering a car through a corner at 130 mph. 

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