How To Choose the Best Watch Size for Your Wrist

The right watch seamlessly complements your style. It’s the finishing touch to your outfit from weekday to weekend. And it just works with your lifestyle and personality, whether you’re an account manager in an office building or a wilderness photographer in the high Sierras. But choosing the right watch can be a pain–and so can figuring out what size watch fits your wrist. This guide will help.

If you have…

Very Thin Wrists…

Don’t overwhelm your look with a watch that’s too big. Slender bands and smaller watch faces tend to complement those with very thin wrists the best. Try starting with 38mm watch faces and just see how they look and feel on your wrist. Also consider that if you tend to wear tailored shirts, a too-bulky watch on a very slim wrist might not fit well under the cuff of a long-sleeved dress shirt. When choosing the best watch size for your wrist, your own comfort is the biggest factor at play, so try on plenty of options to see how they look and feel–and purchase one that fits your frame and your style.

Somewhat Slender Wrists…

For those with wrists on the slender side, 38-40mm watch faces tend to work well; sometimes a bit larger. The type of band and the shape of the watch face itself impact the comfort of the watch you choose, especially if you’re leaning toward a watch that’s a little on the larger size. Make sure that a wider band doesn’t impede your wrist movement or your clothing, and you’ll be good to go!

Average to Medium Wrists…

Congratulations, you have countless options! A huge variety of watch sizes will probably look balanced and proportionate on your wrist, so go crazy trying on different sizes and styles. With that said, use common sense and try to find a balance; very large or very small watches can look a bit awkward. One of the most popular watch sizes that flatter more average frame sizes is the 42mm.

Large/Thick Wrists…

If you have a larger frame and larger wrists to go with it, you might prefer some of the larger watch sizes, upward of 42mm. Start looking in the 44-46mm range and go from there. Larger watch faces often feel a little more balanced and proportionate when they have more happening on the face–like subdials and extra functions. But if that’s not your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to choose a simpler design that fits your aesthetic–no one else’s! You can also choose a larger face that features larger numbers or a little more bling; you have more space to pull it off without looking outlandish.

Other Things to Consider

Choosing the best watch for your frame isn’t just about size. The shape and material of the band, the complexity of the design, and the colors and features you choose also add visual weight. Larger links can make a smaller watch seem to have a bigger, weightier design; a sleek leather band or loop-metal design streamlines larger or medium-sized bands and lends a simpler, lighter aesthetic that could lean toward classic or contemporary styles depending on other design elements.

Go With Your Gut

It’s not all about choosing a watch that’s on trend. You want quality that lasts, exceptional craftsmanship, and style, for sure. If the best-sellers and “average” preferred styles don’t float your boat, choose something different. If you’re a smaller guy but you really like the look of larger watches rocking a bit of bling, go for it, as long as it feels comfortable on your wrist. Life is too short to edit your style and preferences to fit a lookbook. Try on a variety of styles, go for balance, and choose what’s comfortable that also fits your personality. Your gut has a lot to do with making the right choice here.

For more style tips and comparisons between our top watch brands, feel free to explore our blog and our watch selection, or contact us with questions. We’d love to hook you up with the perfect timepiece.

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