Hublot Should Be On Your Radar

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With all the attention that Rolex, Omega, and others get, it’s not surprising that there are a few brands that fly under the radar. Hublot is a unique young Swiss watchmaker with timepieces that are bold and unique. Don’t forget to check them out on your next watch search.

Hublot Classic Fusion

Having only been around since 1980, Hublot is a relative newcomer in the world of Swiss watches. The brand was founded by Carlo Crocco, a former Italian watchmaker that moved to Switzerland to set up shop. The name Hublot comes from the French word for Porthole, and while the early reception of Crocco’s watches was soft, the company quickly grew into a success. 

Since the early days, the company has increased its global presence with boutiques in countries around the world, and its designs are nearly instantly recognizable by enthusiasts. Though young, Hublot is credited with creating the first natural rubber strap, which took three years to develop. 

Hublot Big Bang Meca-10

Today’s the brand’s watches are still available with the innovative rubber strap, and span various segments, including chronographs, dress watches, and outlandish novelty watches. The Hublot Classic Fusion is available in a classic three-hand version, as a chronograph, with a moonphase complication, or in bright and striking color combinations. The brand’s flagship, called Big Bang, features a similarly broad model line, but it’s also offered as a smartwatch. Even as a digital timepiece, the watch stands out with unique designs and bold colors.

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