Hublot is a unique brand that deserves a look


Hublot is a relatively new watch brand, having only been around since 1980, but it’s earned a spot at the top of the watch world with a combination of wild, unique designs and precious metals.

Hublot uses a unique blend of materials, styles, and colors to create its timepieces. The company calls its process the art of fusion, and it sometimes brings together unexpected materials like alligator skin leather and titanium. The company also counts a unique gold alloy with ceramic infusions as one of its innovations, along with other unique creations like its Texalium material, which is a mix of carbon fiber and aluminum.


The company is also credited with making the first rubber watch strap, and it continues making unique straps today. Hublot is associated with some of the biggest names in sport, and was once part of an advertising campaign featuring former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

In terms of tech, Hublot’s movements are advanced and its case designs elaborate. The brand isn’t afraid to show off its movements and internals with transparent cases, and the effect is stunning. Many of the most complex designs also feature reasonable water resistance ratings, so you won’t have to leave them behind on adventures. 

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If you’re looking for a Hublot today, you’ve got quite a few cool watches to choose from. The company’s Big Bang watches are extremely popular and are more common than others. It’s easy to find models made from titanium, stainless steel, and all manner of precious metals. 

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