Letting Go Of Your Safe Queen

A luxury timepiece is more than just a piece of jewelry or a means of telling the time. What makes these pieces so exquisite is their intricate movements, beautiful materials, and their ability to increase in value over time. Buyers of luxury watches who intend to hold on to their investments and let them ripen call these pieces safe queens. Though there often comes a point when many would or should let their safe queen piece go so that they can either purchase something else or invest their funds elsewhere.

A safe queen is a watch that you may not have only purchased because you like it, but because you one day would like to sell it on. These are not your everyday, run of the mill pieces. Because you want to protect your investment and keep it as free from dust, dirt, nicks, and other wear and tear as possible, it’s often kept in a safe, hence the name “safe queen.”

Because these pieces are so cherished and precious to their owners, they are often kept away in the safes to protect the investment while they grow in value. Many people’s knee-jerk reaction is to keep these watches safely squirreled away without ever seeing the light of day, but as a watch is also meant to be worn and enjoyed, keeping it on lockdown might not always be the best choice.

How To Love Your Safe Queen

A fine watch, such as a Rolex, an Audemars Piguet, a Patek Philippe, or a Panerai, is made to painstaking and exacting standards of precision and time telling. The cumulative brand worth of each of these watchmaking houses represents generations of research, development, and craftsmanship. Unlike other possessions, a luxury watch from a reputable watchmaking house can appreciate in value over time to be passed down from generation to generation.

Though much of this value is rooted in what the watch means to its owner and the memories connected to it. Thus a fine watch shouldn’t necessarily spend its whole life locked away in a safe never to be loved or enjoyed. Investing in a luxury watch is a big decision, but owning one doesn’t have to be an uptight experience. Quality watches often are constructed to last for years and years. Materials like sapphire crystals, gold, and stainless steel are made to weather wear and tear. Conducting regular watch maintenance also does a great deal to maintain its condition and value.

Whether you’ve purchased your piece new or vintage, some gentle care goes a long way in sustaining its value for sale later on while still allowing you to enjoy wearing it in the present.


When To Let Your Safe Queen Go

Whether you’ve been holding on to your watch for awhile in hopes of its exceeding in value or you’ve just seen a new model that you’d like to purchase, when it comes time to let go of your safe queen, DavidSW offers the expertise to guide you through the experience. For those who are looking to let go of their safe queen, we offer superior Sell Your Watch services. For more than a decade, DavidSW has been in the business of buying and selling luxury watches and offer the expertise and understanding to properly advise clients on the best way to care for and then sell their prized pieces.

We look for 100 percent authentic watches in pristine working condition. Each watch we source must be accompanied by the box set, instruction manual, serial numbers, and dealer stamped warranty paperwork. Our expert team appraises vintage watches to ensure that they are in a superb condition and only gently worn. They will also conduct a complete inspection, cleaning, and servicing to confirm that the piece is in tip-top shape. With DavidSW you can rest assured that your safe queen will be well looked after.

We also utilize FedEx’s DVX high-value insurance program to safely ship items throughout the United States. To learn more about how to buy or sell a luxury timepiece with DavidSW please get in touch today.

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