Quick Guide Through DavidSW.com

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Launch day was crazy! As you probably noticed, we encountered a few bugs that we had to work out. Fortunately everything seems to be running smoothly at this point in time. I wanted to take some time to get you accustomed to some of the new and exciting things we have that you may not have seen yet.

DAILY DEALS! Be sure to check out our Daily Deals section, these are watches we have sitting in stock ready to go at a very aggressive price point. I will be adding daily (except weekends) and putting as much description as we can possibly think of. We are very excited to add this section to the site as it has never been done before. Check often, but don’t wait…or you may miss out!

NEW ARRIVALS! This will be a 7 day running log of what I am adding daily to make it simple to see exactly what has changed without having to scroll through everything. This category will reset every Sunday.

ACCESSORIES! Be sure to check out our accessories section. Bezel Bracelets, Boxes, Straps, and other items are just a few of the things that may interest you!

BLOG! Well, your already here. But be sure to check out my weekly blog. My goal is to make this an area to feature some of the cool watches that David and I really like as well as become a place for some great information.

As you probably have noticed, items come and go very frequently. As best as I am trying to get our inventory online as quickly as possible, the fact is I only have about 25% of our stock listed at this time. You wouldn’t believe just how quickly the days fly by here at the DavidSW office! Please do not hesitate to Contact Us via the site if there is something that you are looking for or that you would like us to acquire for you. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a great week!




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