Recap of Baselworld 2018

We’ve kept a close eye on  Baselworld 2018 and this year’s exhibition was nothing short of a show stopper. Unexpected announcements revealed a blend of creativity, innovation and elegance that permeated the event and kept us entranced for the entire week. When the masters of horology come together to unveil new additions to their collections, the world watches.

A Nod to the Past

Baselworld 2018 saw brands step into themselves and away from convention this year.

Rolex’s announcement of the Pepsi GMT-Master II Jubilee illustrates this phenomenon perfectly. While the world was expecting the Coke interpretation of the iconic pilot’s watch, Rolex chose instead to pay homage to the original timepiece. Other brands also paid reverence to the pieces that solidified their brands including Omega and Tudor. They expertly updated vintage designs with innovative new movements that aim to propel these timepieces into the future.

octo finissimo tourbillon automatic

Paving the Path to the Future

Innovation in engineering was another theme that ran deep throughout Baselworld 2018. Nearly every major brand has made improvements to the movements that make their watches tick – in a manner of speaking. New complications have been added to classic designs that enhance their precision, functionality and renew a dedication to quality. Many “firsts” were also debuted at Baselworld 2018. Bvlgari created the thinnest automatic and tourbillon timepiece in history with the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic. And, Hublot released its very first smartwatch, intended to be worn by World Cup officials, in a move that certainly made waves in an industry known for its admiration of watchmaking practices dating back hundreds of years.

Rolex Pepsi

The Elephant in The Room

The real belle of the ball at Baselworld 2018 was the Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master II. This timepiece is going to be all that anyone can talk about for the foreseeable future. Waitlists for this iconic watch are going to be years-long even though the initial reveal caused polarizing opinions. There are so many reasons why this timepiece will become the most sought-after watch of 2018. First, vintage styles with updated movements were all the rage this year. Putting a calibre 3285 into the iconic oyster case only increases energy efficiency, dependability and precision into a timepiece that was already an established standard. Next, is the Jubilee Bracelet which was re-engineered for durability and style. The slight changes in dimension for this piece ensure that it cannot be swapped for previous models, much to the chagrin of many collectors. This exclusivity only fuels the fire of this decidedly hot watch and will surely add thousands of names to waitlists. Finally, this watch is going to be an icon not only for its elegance but also for its astonishing debut and what it represents for the brand as a whole. We cannot wait to get our hands on one of these to feel the craftsmanship and provide a true legacy piece to our customers.

Baselworld 2018 was full of unexpected surprises and classic designs. This exhibition never disappoints and leaves us with a sense of excitement. We cannot wait to get some of these new pieces in stock to share with our customers. It will be an unforgettable experience to see how these elegant timepieces work in person. And as always, we’re even more excited to see what the future brings at Baselworld 2019.

Thank you so much for following along with our coverage of Baselworld 2018. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the timepieces unveiled this year, subscribe to our New Arrivals email. You never know what luxury timepiece can be yours.

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