Rolexes Weren’t Made for Men in Suits

When the time is so universal these days, the biggest reason to wear a watch is for either comfort or fashion. The truth is that some men just feel naked without a watch on their wrist. But with so many watches on the market, it’s hard to know which direction to go if you’re looking for something new. It can help to understand the different target demographics of each watchmaker. If you’re wondering what type of person wears a Rolex, you may be surprised. These watches weren’t made for businessmen whose only love is the cold hard dollar. They were made for real men who want to experience life and all its many pleasures.

Rolexes Are Made for Play

The people who wear Rolexes are generally accomplished, and accomplished people have learned a few things in their day. They know it’s important to balance their lives out in as many ways as possible. They’re always interested in trying new things, whether that’s learning a new skill or just striking up a conversation with strangers. Rolexes are built to go the distance and can be worn when playing sports or taking a literal dive into the ocean. They’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that can complement a lifestyle that has far more room in it than just the office. Rolex makes the news because they’re constantly tweaking their products to last longer — no matter how active the wearer happens to be.


They Go Everywhere

The fanciest dress watch on a man with jeans and a T-shirt is always going to look awkward. It’s just something that doesn’t match up, like sneakers paired with a formal ball gown. But most Rolexes aren’t dress watches, which means that you don’t have to second-guess your choices as you’re getting ready. Men wear their Rolex when they’re spelunking in caves, climbing to the top of a mountain, or navigating the waters.

They Elevate Your Casual Wear

Rolex has designed their watches to be versatile enough to be the perfect accessory to your casual clothes. It’s a way of elevating an outfit without making you stick out like a sore thumb. As businesses loosen up their rules when it comes to the suit and tie, men can sometimes struggle to find a look that works for them amidst the wrinkles and the hats. A Rolex can help you keep your high standards without calling too much attention to yourself.

Why Men Buy Rolex

Most men don’t buy Rolex because they feel the need to show off their wealth. They don’t want people to fawn all over them or inherently feel inferior because they’re not wearing something so expensive. Men buy Rolex because they have an inherent love of watches, or because they have a connection with them. Maybe your grandfather wore an old Rolex, maybe your favorite professor had one he never took off, or maybe you’ve always associated Rolex with the ultimate in luxury and wealth. Rolex has done an incredible job when it comes to designing watches that connect with a sophisticated yet down-to-earth audience. There’s an entire science behind each component of a watch, and it’s truly incredible how their timepieces have evolved over time to what they are today. Most of their brand is based on their commitment to quality coupled with their ability to listen and respond to customer feedback. But if you’re looking for adventure and excitement above all, Rolex is the brand for you. 

Taking Stock of What You Want

The right watch for you is the one that meets everything you want in a timepiece, but it takes some effort to determine what exactly you want. Do you want your watch to provide more confidence? Are you looking for something that will pair well with your favorite sports coat? Is it more important that the watch keeps ticking even after you’ve explored the watery depths below? Understanding this can make it easier to navigate choosing the right Rolex watch for you. It’s all about assessing your lifestyle before you settle on a watch that you’ll likely pass down to your children. And while you can wear it with a suit, remember that it can go so many more places than those formal dining rooms. In fact, Rolexes have been known to go on quite a few adventures.

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