Seiko Makes an Excellent Gift for a New Graduate


If you’ve got a student getting ready to graduate high school or college, it can be tough to buy a gift that they’ll like and use. A watch is a great way to celebrate a graduation, and it’s a gift that the grad can take with them for years to come. A nice, affordable watch is a tool that also serves an aesthetic purpose, so it’s something the young graduate can admire and get use out of. There’s no better choice than Seiko.

Seiko is an excellent brand to start your new-grad watch search. The company makes value-forward, high-quality watches that offer quite a bit for their price. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Seiko a great choice for a new graduate.



With even the least expensive Seiko, you’re getting an in-house movement. That’s a big benefit in a world where almost every other affordable watch features an ETA or other generic movement. It doesn’t mean that the company’s watches are any more accurate or robust because of their movements, but it’s a nice bonus to have the extra thought put into a unique movement.


While the sky’s the limit with any watch purchases, just like any other brand, you’re more likely to find an affordable watch from the Seiko or Grand Seiko catalog than many others. Both companies offer timepieces with great value and excellent features that outpace their price tags.



You may be familiar with the brand’s dive watch designs, but the company makes so much more than that. The Seiko catalog contains field watches, dress watches, chronographs, and more, and almost any of them would make an excellent gift for a new grad.


Seiko builds beefy watches that stand the test of time. Some of the brand’s dive models feature single-piece cases that offer excellent water resistance while forming a solid foundation for an extremely durable watch. While its bracelets aren’t the best on the market, Seiko’s overall build quality is excellent, especially for the price.

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