The 5 Essential Rules of Watch Etiquette

Luxury watches make quite the statement. A well-crafted timepiece says to the world, “Here I am. I worked hard.” If you’re fortunate enough to own a luxury timepiece, you need to know the rules of watch etiquette. You are, after all, a gentleman. Here are the top 5 watch-wearing rules that will keep you looking (and acting) sharp:


Rule #1: Wear a watch that reflects your style.
Just like clothing, the chosen style of watch is subjective. From the bezel to the bracelet and fit, it should be perfectly in line with your personal style. Since it is after all an extension of you as your statement piece.


Rule #2: Wear your watch on your non-dominant arm.
Ultimately, you should wear your watch on the arm that is most comfortable, but keep in mind if you decide to sport your timepiece on your dominant side, you run a higher risk of damaging it. The logic is simple: you do more activities with your dominant hand, making it more likely that you will bump or scratch your watch against something.


Rule #3: Proportion is everything.
If you have a small wrist and you opt for a watch with a large case, it will appear even larger. The same is true for a man with a large wrist who wears a case too small—it just appears smaller. There’s no one size that fits all here. You simply need to try on different styles of watches to see what looks proportionate to you.


Rule #4: Never touch another man’s watch.
There is one exception to this rule: if a man takes his watch off and offers it to you for inspection, it would be rude not to accept. In any other case, don’t touch. You may leave fingerprints on the watch. It’s also socially awkward. You don’t see men going around touching other men’s cufflinks, wedding rings, and belts after complimenting them, why would a timepiece be any different?


Rule #5: Take good care of your timepiece.
A great luxury timepiece will hold its value over time, but only if you take good care of it. You wouldn’t buy a luxury car and never bother to wash it or regularly service the engine. Your watch requires the same care as any other piece of complex machinery. After all, your watch is neither indestructible nor immune to wear and tear. Respect your watch and enjoy it.

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