The 5 Secrets About Omega Watches You Didn’t Know About

Omega Watches are synonymous with class and timeless elegance. This brand, founded in 1848, has been appearing on the wrists of celebrities, sportsmen, and political figures for over a century. Read on to find out the role Omega Watches have had in both Western history and pop culture.

Omega Watches and the World Wars


During the war, the British Royal Flying Corps chose Omega watches as part of their official combat gear. The American Army took a cue from their British allies and did the same. Both sides were impressed by these exceptionally accurate and durable timepieces.


When the UK geared up to face Nazi Germany, they needed a vast amount of wrist watches to equip their armed forces. However, not just any watch would do. The UK needed watches that met the W.W.W. production standard, which stood for Wrist Watch Waterproof.

Watchmakers in Great Britain were already occupied building naval and aviation timekeepers and other delicate instruments, so neutral Swiss watchmakers were contacted to fulfill the order. Twelve companies, including Omega, developed a revolutionary new design of watch: durable and accurate, waterproof, with luminous hands and chronometer grade movements. These features went on to become standard in many other watch brands that you can find today.

secrets about omega watches

Omega Watches and the Olympic Games

Omega first acted as official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in the 1932 Summer Olympics and have maintained that partnership. The brand continued to innovate in the decades since. Omega has developed more and more accurate ways to measure the Olympic athletes’ performances.

Today, some of the world’s finest athletes including Gold Medalist swimmer Michael Phelps are Omega ambassadors. Where will you see Omega next? They serve again as official timekeepers at the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games.

Omega Watches and Space Exploration

During the space race, NASA tested a number of watch brands and models. In 1965, they determined that the Omega Speedmaster was the only one suited for space exploration. Just four years later, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took Omega watches into space.

Neil’s watch served as an on-the-spot replacement for a broken clock in the Lunar Module. Meanwhile, Buzz Aldrin took his watch onto the lunar surface. However, if you want to see this piece of history in an air and space museum, you’ll be disappointed. The first watch on the moon was stolen a few months after the astronauts returned to Earth.

Omega Watches and the World’s Greatest Spy

Omega has had a long partnership with the James Bond franchise, starting with Pierce Brosnan’s performance in 1995’s ‘GoldenEye.’ Brosnan wore an Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional, and his successor Daniel Craig sported a Seamaster Professional 300M in ‘Casino Royale.’

Where can you find a 007-approved watch? As part of the 40th Anniversary of James Bond in 2002, Omega created a commemorative edition. More recently, in 2013, Omega celebrated the character’s 50 years in film with the Seamaster James Bond 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece. Meanwhile, the watch Daniel Craig wore on-screen, along with other memorabilia, was auctioned off by Christie’s as part of a fund-raising initiative for Doctors Without Borders. That Omega Seamaster fetched over $250,000.

Omega Watches in the Limelight

President Kennedy sported many brands on his wrist, but Omega was the one he chose to wear during his inauguration. He wore an Omega Ultra Thin while taking his oath of office. The watch is now in a museum in Switzerland, accompanied by a handwritten note from Jackie Kennedy.

Elvis Presley wasn’t always a free-wheeling rock’n’roll legend. The King wore an Omega Constellation while in the army. That iconic watch let him maintain his flashy, rebellious style despite his regulation-issue army fatigues.

Prince William, heir to the British Throne, is rarely seen without his Omega Seamaster Pro. This watch is more than just a style accessory, it also has a great deal of sentimental value for the future king. It was a gift from his late mother.

Your Own Piece of History

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