The Best Watch For The Summer Season

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It’s June, the beginning of summer. Whether it’s lazy days by the pool or an extravagant island getaway, fun in the sun can take a toll on your luxury timepiece. From care tips to help with style, we can help you choose the right watch for the season. WATER RESISTANT VS. WATERPROOF WATCHES Watches have three levels of protection against the elements: dust proof, water resistant, and pressure proof. A dust proof watch will, as the title suggests, keep dust in the air out of the watch case. Dress and evening watches are dust proof. A water resistant watch—usually a sport watch—can handle water splashes, rain, and shower water. But water resistant is not the same as water proof. If you plan to swim, snorkel, or scuba while wearing your timepiece, then you need a pressure proof watch. A pressure proof watch is a water proof watch. It must have a screw down winding crown and a screw back. Pressure proof watches typically have automatic self-winding mechanisms. All Rolex oyster cases are pressure proof, for example. Although pressure proof timepieces are waterproof, they have a limit on the depth they can withstand. The depth your watch can take depends on the brand and model, so be sure to find out before your next spelunking adventure. WATCH STYLE TRENDS FOR SUMMER When choosing a timepiece for the season, look for lightness, durability, practicality, and—of course—style. A great summer watch will have a smaller watch case, 40mm and under to be precise. A smaller case is both lighter and pairs well with summer clothing trends. Certain color dials are more appropriate for summer, as well: lighter colors, such as cream, silver, light gray, and champagne. The hotter months is also a great time to switch out your metal strap for a textile strap. This will keep you cooler and feel more comfortable if you are an active, athletic beachgoer. If you have a choice, invest in a timepiece with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass for the added protection. WATCH CARE TIPS FOR SUMMER Watches don’t like the summer heat. It doesn’t matter how well made your timepiece is, it can only handle certain temperatures. High temperatures can dry the oils in the jewels of the movement. This applies to both quartz and mechanical watches, manual and self-winding. Just as you need to limit your time in the direct sun, so too should you limit the time your watch is exposed to extreme heat. Whether it’s summer or not, luxury timepieces deserve to be properly cared for. Mechanical watches should be serviced every 5 years. Gaskets and washers have a life span and must be replaced. Glass gaskets will last approximately 8 years. Case-back and crown rubber gaskets may last up to 10 years. Just as you need to get your car serviced to ensure it runs efficiently, so too must you service your timepiece. GREAT WATCHES FOR SUMMER o Rolex Yacht-Master o Audemars Piguet Royal Oak o Blancpain limited edition “Ocean Commitment” o Breguet o Check Out GQ Magazine’s Watch Guide

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