The MoonSwatch Has Finally Landed

660 440 moonswatch sun

Omega has been part of the Swatch family for years now, but the two product lines have remained separate – until now. Over the weekend, Omega and Swatch released a watch with roots deep in each brand. The MoonSwatch mimics the classic Speedmaster design but does so with bright colors and interesting stories. The battery-powered watch is sure to be one of the year’s hottest timepieces.

660 440 moonswatch mercure
moonswatch mercure

Yes, this is a quartz watch, but it’s one of the most unique quartz watches to hit the market in some time. That’s why, for a few hours this past week, many around the world lined up to get a chance at buying one.

The MoonSwatch is made from “bioceramic,” which is a mix of ceramic and a material made from caster oil. It looks and feels like plastic, but it’s a high quality material that works well with the watches’ fashion-forward aesthetic. Several colors are available, each with a distinct relation to a planet in our solar system.

660 440 moonswatch venus
moonswatch venus

The MoonSwatch went on sale this past Saturday, March 26. It’s sold in stores only, so you’ll have to head to an authorized Swatch dealer, and even then the number of locations where the watch is sold is quite small. That said, the MoonSwatch’s $260 price tag is enough motivation that many will ever need.

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