The Rolex Oysterflex Makes an Excellent Summer Companion


The Rolex Oyster bracelet is a legend among watch fans, and is truly one of the best bracelets available on any watch today. Rolex makes a few variations on the component, including an Easy Link extension system and a Glidelock clasp on diver models. Consider the Oysterflex.

Though it makes a Rolex nearly instantly recognizable to watch enthusiasts, the storied Oyster bracelet is not the only option for the company’s watches, nor is it the best for all situations. You can buy an aftermarket strap that looks ok, but it won’t capture the magic, and it likely won’t fit snugly between the lugs. When you’re looking for an alternative to a Rolex on a bracelet, the Oysterflex is the way to go. 

Yachtmaster on Oysterflex

Oysterflex debuted with the Rolex Yachtmaster, and is now available for a few of the brand’s models. It’s a high-density elastomer with a titanium-nickel alloy core that allows it to hold its shape. The elastomer material is typically used in various automotive and aerospace applications, and is considered very strong. 

In addition to its flexibility and durability, the Rolex models with an Oysterflex bracelet make excellent summertime watches, because the lightweight elastomer makes the watches much much more comfortable to wear in hot, sticky weather. 

The Oysterflex got its start with the Rolex Yachtmaster, but it has since expanded. It’s now available on the Rolex Daytona and Sky-Dweller ranges, though its availability seems driven by the presence of expensive precious metals. In other words, if you want an Oysterflex, you’ll need to spring for a more expensive model. That said, it’s well worth it for people with active lifestyles, and it’s just as durable as the rest of the watch. 

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