The Surprise of the Season: Rolex Releases Pepsi GMT II with a Jubilee Bracelet

Baselworld 2018 is full of unexpected releases. This year nobody could have imagined the curveball thrown by Rolex: the release of the Oyster Perpetual New GMT- Master II. The famed “Pepsi” Rolex is back, complete with a stainless steel Jubilee bracelet. This release is polarizing the timepiece community, but here is what you need to know.

The Controversy

Everyone was expecting a Jubilee GMT. However, most of the speculation surrounding Rolex’s most exciting release was that the red and black, “Coke,” version was to come. Rolex stunned the watch world by releasing the “Pepsi” iteration instead. The reason behind Rolex’s decision will likely remain a mystery, but the unparalleled craftsmanship of this GMT-Master II and the Jubilee bracelet cannot be argued.

The History

The GMT Master II was originally released with a Jubilee bracelet and the iconic blue and red bezel in 1955. This timepiece was issued to Pan AM pilots as they began to make flights across the country. It provided aviators with superior functionality and style as they traversed time zones in the sky.  

Historically, this watch is something people have yearned for.

Over the years, this watch has undergone many changes. Most importantly, the Jubilee bracelet was replaced. This cosmetic change was significant and many GMT-Master II enthusiasts have even gone so far as to purchase a Jubilee bracelet from Rolex to restore the classic, original look to their timepieces. The new “Pepsi” GMT-Master II certainly pays homage to the original design and will be a watch for collectors to clamber for when it becomes available.

rolex pepsi gmt

Other Features

Other updated features of the “Pepsi” GMT-Master II include the New Calibre 3285, and the case dimensions have been changed. While we will have to wait until tomorrow to understand what that means for timepiece enthusiasts, we are sure that Rolex’s big release will continue to make waves across all of Baselworld 2018.  

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