The Tag Heuer Monaco is History You Can Wear


We’ve talked quite a bit about the connection between watches and motorsport, and Tag Heuer is one of the most connected brands. Beyond sponsoring major teams like Red Bull’s Formula 1 operation, the company’s watches have long been tied to fast cars and racing. The Tag Heuer Monaco is an absolute legend in the world of watches, so let’s take a quick look at what makes it tick.

Tag Heuer Monaco
Tag Heuer Monaco

The Monaco’s iconic square design is its most recognizable feature. This Gulf Oil model features a 39mm case with 100m water resistance. It’s on a leather strap, so swimming isn’t the best idea, but its stout water resistance means you can take it anywhere and not worry about damaging it.

There’s also a chronograph function, and while modern smartwatches are much simpler to use, there’s nothing like a solid mechanical chronograph when you need to time something important. On the backside, Tag gives the Monaco an open casebook, so the movement and nicely decorated rotor are completely visible.

MTag Heuer Monaco
Tag Heuer Monaco

Vintage-inspired watches are great, but they’re even better when their wearer can draw a direct line back to their beginnings. That’s the case with the Monaco, which has a well-known name, but an instantly recognizable shape and design.

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