These Colorful Watch Brands are Great for Summer

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Summer is upon us – perhaps already here for many – and with it comes a desire to brighten up our color palettes for warmer months. Your watch is a great way to express some color for summer and there are plenty of great choices out there beyond the standard blacks and whites seen across the industry. Many brands, including zipped-up companies like Rolex, offer bright dials that really pop. Here are a few of our favorite brands with colorful watches.

Seiko and Grand Seiko

Seiko and the more upscale Grand Seiko both offer colorful watches, and many feature intricate dial designs. Grand Seiko, in particular, offers several color-forward watches, including a deep blue Spring Drive GMT, unique “Four Seasons” watches, and a line of colorful limited editions that stand out from the crowed. Seiko is also unafraid of color, as the company sells several watches with multiple color options.

colorful watch


In recent years, Rolex has branched out with new colors for its Oyster Perpetual and Datejust lines, and in 2022 the company released a green and black GMT-Master II for the first time. These aren’t subdued colors, either, as the Oyster Perpetuals feature striking, bright shades of red, turquoise, and yellow. Many of the colors could easily be viewed as too bright or flashy, but their uniqueness has made them some of the most desirable Rolex models around. 

colorful watch


Breitling has offered colorful variations of its watches for years, but the latest models are the best. The new Navitimer is available with a coper dial or a blue dial, both of which are absolute stunners, and the Superocean diver can be had in a variety of configurations. 

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