These Three Panerai Watches Stand Above the Rest

We love Panerai. With some of the most unique and funkiest watch shapes in the world, the brand stands out. From divers to dress watches, Panerai offers it all, but with its own flair and uniqueness.

Are Panerai watches big? Absolutely, but the brand has done nearly everything in its power to make its timepieces wearable and comfortable on even smaller wrists. The fact that all Panerai watches look great on various straps makes them even easier to wear, as there doesn’t have to be a stiff leather strap or bulky steel bracelet, though those are both great options for people who like them. 

We combed Panerai’s watch lineup for timepieces that we think will work well for a wide variety of people. Because of that, we avoided the more hardcore dive watches and quirky vintage watches that might be too large or too out there for many people. 

Panerai PAM 346 Radiomir 

It’s true we said we’d steer clear of quirky vintage-inspired pieces, but this Radiomir is worth an exception. Its case size of 45mm sounds giant, but this Radiomir lacks the prominent crown guards that many Panerai models have, and its cushion-style case slopes downward around the edges, which makes it look and wear smaller than it is. This particular model features a titanium case as well, which makes it feather-light on the wrist. 

Panerai PAM 721 Radiomir 3 Days Special Edition

The Radiomir 3 Days Special Edition is a stout hand-wound watch with one of the cleanest and best-looking dial of any Panerai model. No date, no logo, no text, and no seconds hand. It’s a striking effect that truly makes the watch stand out. The watch features a blue handset over cream hour markers and a polished stainless steel case that bends and warps light with its curves. This is one watch that wouldn’t look great on a bracelet, but it looks spectacular on nearly everything else, so there’s no lack of great options.

Panerai PAM 723 Luminor Marina

The PAM 723 is a bit smaller for a Panerai – at just 44 mm instead of 46. It’s also on a bracelet, which increases its chunk factor considerably, but its smaller size and simple dial help it blend in. This one’s an automatic watch, where the others here are hand-wind, but that just makes it more convenient as an everyday wear watch. It’s also got a date and a water resistance rating of 300m/1000ft, so it can stand up to almost anything its wearer throws at it.

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