Three Reasons To Love the Tudor Black Bay Chronograph

TUDOR Black Bay Chrono 1

Tudor is well known for making value-forward, high-quality watches that bring much of its parent company Rolex’s charm at a lower price. The company’s Black Bay Chronograph is no exception, and to improve on the already-excellent watch, Tudor gave it an overhaul a couple of years back that brought new style and slimmer dimensions.

What makes the watch so special?

Tudor Black Bay Chronograph
Tudor Black Bay Chrono


First, the price. It’s far more reasonably priced than any other watch of its caliber right now. With its robust feature set and iconic styling, the Black Bay Chrono offers more for less. Let’s not forget about the fact that it looks great on almost any strap, so it’s capable of being your “only watch.”


The Rolex Daytona is a living legend for a reason. Few other watches offer its styling and tidy proportions, and it’s almost immediately recognizable for what it is. Rolex sells the Daytona in a variety of colors and case materials, which improves its appeal and makes it easier to wear the watch in different situations. The Black Bay Chronograph plays the same game, though in a more limited fashion. Tudor offers the watch with a black dial and black bezel or with a white dial and black bezel. Both versions are clean and tastefully designed, and neither feels too flashy.

TUDOR Black Bay Chronograph
TUDOR Black Bay Chrono


The Black Bay Chronograph runs on a modified version of the Breitling B01 movement. Tudor took the movement and improved various components that pushed its chrono timing capacity to 45 minutes, among other things. The movement features a 70-hour power reserve and offers a date window at six o’clock. Topping things off, the case offers a water resistance rating of 200m/660ft, so you’ll never have to worry about getting wet.

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