Top 5 Quarterbacks and the Watches They’re Sporting

Photo By: Keith Allison

So maybe you can’t get behind a certain team or a certain player. But you can get behind their watch choice. Because no matter what jersey they’re wearing, part of being a professional athlete is being able to sport some pretty cool gear on and off the field.

Quarterbacks have to make decisions all the time, under pressure and in front of millions of people. Not only are these guys some of the highest paid people in the country, they’re also household names with a great deal of respect. Oftentimes professional athletes are targeted to be ambassadors for big time luxury brand names they don’t even actually like, that’s not the case for these guys. For the top quarterbacks in the nation right now, it’s all about what watch speaks to them.


Dak Prescott: Rolex Datejust 41

The Cowboys got a bit of a surprise with the young Prescott who managed to satisfy even some of the toughest critics at the age of 23. After being crowned 2016’s Rookie of the Year, he donned a Rolex Datejust 41 at the ESPYs. Prescott chose his with a jubilee bracelet, which is an apt choice for the fancy award ceremony. He also adorned it with a diamond bezel, customized just for him. If you’re interested in the Datejust model, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with different dial styles and widths, and different metals. It recently debuted a 904L stainless steel option, which is some of the toughest stainless steel you can buy. It features Chronergy benefits as well, which is Rolex’s way of giving you a quality power reserve of around 70 hours.


Tom Brady: TAG Heuer

Tom Brady has a more official relationship with TAG Heuer than Prescott has with Rolex. He’s an official ambassador and has been advertising the strength of their watches for the past few years to his many (many) adoring fans. Considering he’s one of the most well-known and liked quarterbacks with a string of wins beneath his belt, it’s safe to say he isn’t going to endorse a product that he doesn’t personally believe in. In fact, the brand wanted his input when they designed the Tom Brady Special Edition Heuer 01 Chronograph. When he won his fifth Super Bowl, Brady received a special TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon that commemorated his impressive history of winning.


Cam Newton: Rolex Yacht-Master

If you’re not used to seeing Newton when he’s not leading the Panthers to victory, you may just do a double take when you see his fashion sense. There’s a lot to be said about how a man dresses. It’s not just the clothes that set him apart, it’s the way he presents himself in those clothes. Newton may have some bold choices in terms of how he dresses, but he tones it down a little when it comes to his watch. The Yacht-Master is a simple style that honors those who love the water, and it it’s a perfect choice to help Newton pull off all those wild hats and neon colors he’s been known to wear.

Aaron Rodgers: Patek Phillippe Calatrava

This is definitely not the only watch the Green Bay Packers quarterback owns — he owns watches from all kinds of luxury makers in his collection. We chose this one for its pure elegance and timeless style. It’s not easy to make a watch that’s beloved by each new generation, yet Patek Phillippe managed to do it. The profile of this watch manages to impress both the owner and his companions without making the wearer feel ostentatious. Rodgers has always been honest about his ideas that bigger is often better, which is why some of his watches reflect that sentiment. But there are also times that call for something a little understated, which is when the Calatrava can really shine.


Russell Wilson: Rolex Daytona

The Daytona that Wilson owns was first seen in Wilson’s app (he designed his own video app for Seahawk’s fans to get a better idea of his lifestyle.) The exact one that he owns isn’t even made anymore because Rolex replaced the steel tachymeter bezel with the ceramic bezel. It’s not necessarily a surprise to keep seeing Rolexes on this list. (In fact, it was hard to find a QB who didn’t have a Rolex.) From the time quarterbacks are young, it’s likely the brand name that comes most often. To a certain extent, all luxury watches serve a small symbol of success, so it stands to reason a Rolex would be that symbol for so many.

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