Top 5 Watches for Your College Grad in 2018

Graduating from college is an event worthy of celebration. One great way to commemorate this once in a lifetime accomplishment is to give the graduate a luxury watch. A timepiece is a luxury item that not only tells time but holds sentimental value. Graduation marks the day your child truly begins their adult journey. The gift of a luxury watch can take an interview outfit to the next level and silently communicate a message of class and sophistication. A college degree is something to be proud of. The young professional in your life deserves a gift that will benefit them as they enter this new stage of life and that can be passed down from generation to generation as a right of passage, college graduation. The following are five of the best watches you can choose for this year’s college grads:

1.) Tudor Black Bay

The Black Bay by Tudor is an excellent choice in the luxury watch market. The Tudor brand is one of the best brands to ignite a passion for expertly crafted Swiss timepieces. If your graduate shows interest in growing their collection, this is the perfect place to start. Tudor watches are actually a sub-brand of Rolex, so the immense quality is there with a smaller price. You can choose from various finishes within this category including a red bezel option. The Tudor brand has a rich history of diving watches, spanning 60 years. The Heritage Black Bay is designed with the original domed crystal in mind, which was a distinguishing feature of Tudor’s earliest diving watches. Though the brand has a rich history which is enthusiastically embraced, today’s models are also beloved by modern celebrities like David Beckham

2.) Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

This classic looking watch holds the distinction of being “the watch” astronauts prefer to wear onto the moon and into space. In fact, an Omega watch worn by Neil Armstrong during the most historic of space flights, when the first American set foot on the moon, was actually given the incredibly important task of running part of the timing module on the lander. The Omega’s chronograph was so dependable, that Neil was trusting it with his very life. If your graduate wants the most dependable watch with a beautiful piece of history, this is the piece for them. It is one of the most durable luxury timepieces of all and can be worn as both a casual or dressy watch that makes a bold statement without being overly flashy.

Even today, decades later, the Moonwatch is the standard watch issued to astronauts making their way into outer space and is the only watch to be considered certified equipment for such missions. Being certified by NASA for a space mission is no easy feat as it requires a passing grade on many rigorous tests that determine if the watch can endure acceleration, low pressure, humidity, high and low temperatures, vacuums and shock just to name a few.

3.) Rolex: Submariner “No Date”

When most people think of luxury watches, they immediately think of Rolex. This particular piece has the classic look that bodes well in a professional setting as well as a casual night out. The Rolex Submariner is a watch many feel is the most respected and recognized within the luxury timepiece market. The rich history of this brand spans 60 years and it holds the distinction of being one of the coolest diving watches available. The “No Date” version of the Sub just takes that coolness factor up a notch. The “No Date” model is rated to depths of 1,000 feet and is crafted out of a corrosive-resistant, solid block of 904L Steel. It also features Rolex’s triple lock waterproofness system, which works in much the same way as a submariner’s hatch. The bezel on this model is coated with platinum and PVD, meaning it is completely resistant to corrosion and fading. The hands and dial of the watch are filled with Chromalight that emits a long-lasting blue glow, ensuring you can see the dials even if the darkest depths.

4.) Rolex: Datejust 41

If your graduate wants the precision of a Rolex with a more elegant look than the Submariner, the Datejust is perfect. The Datejust 41 model by Rolex reflects its vintage forerunner within its design, though with a modern flare. The original Datejust was launched in 1945. Since then there have been many advancements in the model. Today’s Datejust 41 features a larger case and updated movement when compared to its predecessor. It comes in a wide variety of finishes, including rose, yellow gold, along with steel. The middle case, which is highly waterproof, thanks to its screw downcasing, gives the watch a waterproof rating of 300 feet. That, of course, means this watch isn’t a featured diving watch, but its durability allows you to get it wet with no ill effects. The Datejust model features paraflex shock absorbers which contribute to its excellent reliability and durability and its oyster bracelet and matching bezel, with flat links, give it the iconic look you’ve come to expect from Rolex.

5.) Panerai: PAM 372: Luminor

This classically designed watch calls to mind the rich history of the Panerai Luminor brand. The Luminor 1950 is a modern day success story and has become almost a subset of the Panerai brand. It was originally launched as a special edition in 2002 and was known only as Luminor 1950 or Fiddy,” paying homage to its 1950 or “fifty” model. The watch was also limited to 1,950 units, which also played into its “Fiddy” name. After massive trading among watch owners of the “Fiddy” was experienced due to limited supplies, the PAM 372 was launched, with the same 1950s look, but was not a limited edition to meet demands. Like the “Fiddy,” the PAM 372 has a stainless steel case but features a few aesthetic improvements. 

Interchangeable bracelets and straps enable your creative thinker to express themselves in every situation. This watch abandons convention to grasp any opportunity and provides your grad with all the confidence they’ll need to make waves in their new role.

The five models listed above will all make excellent gifts for the college grad in your life. You can choose any of them knowing your gift will be one your graduate will keep for years to come if not for their entire lifetime. Visit DavidSW to learn more about these fabulous watch models.

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