Tudor’s Celebrity Ambassadors: #BornToDare

What is it that makes Tudor watches so unique and in demand? The brand has married quality design with a sporty and chic style. These elegant Swiss-made timepieces were originally the brainchild of world famous luxury brand Rolex’s founder Hans Wildorf. He conceived of these watches to have all of Rolex’s durable reliability and time precision but at a more wallet-friendly price point.

Swiss watches have a well-deserved reputation for mechanical excellence and precision of detail in their manufacturing. This makes them some of the world’s most accurate timepieces, and they have been in demand for decades. In fact, the Tudor Prince Submariner was produced for the US Navy starting in the 1960s, while the French Navy adopted the Tudor Marine Nationale.

While its parent company is a favorite of business executives, Hollywood elites, and politicians, Tudor sets itself apart with a more rough-and-tumble, sportier demographic. When you look at someone wearing a Tudor watch, you immediately know that they value both style and function. These watches are designed to not only look great but also hold up to active use.

Tudor launched a 2017 campaign, #BornToDare, with a number of celebrity spokespeople. The first leg of the campaign ran in May 2017 and featured two of the biggest names in the world of sports: football player David Beckham and New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks. These two sports icons embody Tudor’s effortlessly chic and active image. Recently, Tudor added famous pop singer Lady Gaga to its roster of celebrity endorsements. She was the first female watch ambassador for the brand and her exciting campaign has already brought critical acclaim and market attention.

The All Blacks – New Zealand’s Number One Rugby Team and Representatives for #BornToDare



Anyone who follows the world of sports has doubtlessly heard about the All Blacks. They are the national rugby team of New Zealand and are widely considered to be among the best sports players in the world. They have won two Rugby World Cups and have helped their home country hang on to the number one world ranking for longer than any other team on record.

With a level of acclaim like this, they were a natural fit for the debut of Tudor’s #BornToDare campaign. For the promotional images, the All Blacks were seen sporting the Tudor Black Bay Dark. This iconic watch features a wide variety of vintage-inspired elements. From the steel of the outer casing to the black dressing mimicking the team’s colors, this watch lets you cut a commanding figure while still showing team pride.

David Beckham – International Sports Superstar and Frontman for #BornToDare


David Beckham has been making waves as a football superstar since his Manchester United debut in 1992. Now the jet setting father of four is as well known for his business acumen and charity campaigns as he is for his moves on the field. Among his many sporting accolades are scoring in three World Cups and being inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2008.

David Beckham balances his sporting accomplishments with a well-deserved reputation as a family man and men’s fashion and style icon. This made him the perfect fit for Tudor’s vision for the future of their watch line. In the campaign, David was wearing not one but two Tudor watches. The first was the Black Bay S&G. This diver’s watch features a timeless design of steel and gold, making it the perfect balance of sporty and luxe For David’s second look in the campaign, he wore the Black Bay Chrono, which is COSC certified.

Lady Gaga – Pop Superstar and Human Rights Activist Brings the Spotlight to #BornToDare

Lady Gaga broke into the music world in a big way with her boundary-breaking 2008 dance album ‘The Fame’. Since then, she has produced chart-topping hit after hit including fan favorite songs like ‘Pokerface’, ‘Bad Romance’, and ‘Alejandro’. Her latest album, 2016’s ‘Joane’, gave Lady Gaga her 4th Billboard #1.

During her #BornToDare campaign, Lady Gaga sported one of Tudor’s most versatile timepieces: the Black Bay Red. This automatic watch is Tudor’s lively and modern interpretation of a classic tool watch. It offers versatility in a compact and chic package that is accented by an attention-grabbing burgundy fabric strap.

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