Watch Review: Glashutte Senator Observer

Luxury timepieces send a subtle message about sophistication, class and style, making the selection of a piece such as the Glashutte Senator Observer a prudent choice. This quality timepiece is among the most elegant deck watches in the world, embodying the history of navigation. Its features, aesthetic appeal and reliable construction make this German watch a standout.

Practical Functionality

This timepiece has hour, minute and second hands that are easy to read and utilize. The Panorama date power reserve display further aids in the practical functionality of the watch, whether you are near the water or engaged at a social gathering. The 100-14 calibre automatic movement adds sophistication to the piece, while the stainless-steel case adds durability. Overall, this watch is designed to stand-up to the elements, which are often abrasive in salt water settings.

The polished steel parts, beveled edges, skeletonized rotor and three-quarter plate with striped finish add class and functionality to the piece’s internal functionality. Inside and out, the Glashutte Senator Observer is a practical watch that can be relied on and repaired with ease. This type of functionality takes many decades to perfect, which is why the Senator Observer is a sought-after model.

Aesthetic Appeal

The varnished grey dial, Arabic numerals and polished finishes make a striking impression that is subtle and unavoidable. Some watches tend to overdo sophisticated looks and make a blaring statement, which is the opposite of the Glashutte Senator Observer. Rather, this Observer catches the eye through straightforward colors that embody class. Pretentious or opulent would not be good ways to describe this timepiece, or those that wear it.

The polished stainless-steel bracelet with a satin finish is eye-catching and professional looking. The bracelet is easily adjustable, allowing you to optimize the fit, functionality and look of the watch to match your needs. There is no reason to invest money in an expensive timepiece, if it doesn’t look and fit your wrist quite right. With the Senator Observer, you don’t have to worry about that.

Reliable Construction

Micro-engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques help ensure the Glashutte Senator Observer remains reliable over its useful life. The traditional production techniques of this watch have evolved over the years to incorporate modern machining techniques that’ve improved upon the original watch production. These new techniques have supplemented not replaced the original brilliance of the Observer’s design.

The Glashutte watchmaking process is available for tour, if you have the time and capability to visit their facilities. You can see first-hand the modernity of the watchmaking process, which is also taught via classroom and on showcase in the company’s watchmaking museum. The pride the company takes in the manufacturing process underscores that reliable construction of the Senator Observer.


Glashutte timepieces are produced in limited supply, which means that you’ll be fortunate to get ahold of one, regardless if the model is a limited edition or not. So, if you can get a Glashutte Senator Observer, you can count yourself as the owner of one of the most exclusive and prestigious watches in the entire world. It is hard to place a value on the exclusivity of a watch, especially in social settings.


Glashutte watches are full of tradition and the pride of craftsmanship. As a result, you can wear the watch knowing that you have a piece of history on your wrist. This can send a message to fellow enthusiats that you appreciate the finer things in life, and that you value high-quality watchmaking. If you are a fan of luxury timepieces, there is no better way to showcase your passion then with a Senator Observer. This piece of precision German watchmaking has survived under difficult circumstances, adding weight to it prestige and traditional appeal.

All luxury timepieces are not created equal, which means you must discern and select the best piece to fit your style, functional requirements and price point. The Glashutte Senator Oberver is a quality timepiece that exudes tradition and style. Its sleek, subtle sophistication makes it an ideal choice for business or formal occasions.

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