Which Rolex Submariner is Your Favorite?

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is known even to people who could not care less about luxury watches, and is by far one of the best known watches of all time. It’s grown way beyond the traditional black-on-black look it wore for decades, though, so it’s time to talk about some of the different models.

All Subariner variants took the larger, newer form factor in 2020, which meant an increase to a 41mm case and a change in proportion for the lugs and other parts. They also retain their water resistance rating of 1000ft/300m, screw-down crown, and rotating ceramic bezel. Finally, all Submariner models come with Rolex’s awesome Glidelock bracelet extension.

Rolex Submariner
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The watch remains timelessly stylish, however, and is instantly recognizable for what it is. Which model is right for you? Let’s take a look at a couple of major characteristics of the newest Submariner.

Date or No Date?

If you want the clean, classic no-date look, you only have one choice for a Sub: The Oystersteel model with black bezel and dial. The same watch is available with a date, and all of the models with precious metal cases feature date complications.


The classic black Submariner is still around and still as iconic as it was decades ago, but Rolex has expanded the line with several other models. A stainless steel model with green bezel and black dial updates the classic Kermit and Hulk models, but goes back to the black dial the green sub had originally.

Two different two-tone models are available, including a variant with a blue bezel and dial and one with a black bezel and dial. Two solid-gold models are also available, including one in solid yellow gold and a solid white gold model known as the Smurf. Both feature a blue bezel and dial.

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