Why You Should Own a Rolex

Rolex isn’t just the brand name of a watch, it’s a true status symbol. People who have never even seen a Rolex in person may conjure up the name to prove the success of the wearer. Whether you care about status or not though, a Rolex has managed to capture the hearts of so many because they were one of the first brands to put quality above the buyer’s budget. Here are just a few reasons why owning one may be worth your while.

You Like to Get Out

If your idea of a good time is trying new activities and living life to the fullest, then a Rolex is built to keep up with even the most intense adventurer. From divers to pilots to race car drivers, Rolex makes a variety of watches that can withstand the pressure. In fact, the diver watch was introduced in the 1950s because one of the company’s executives was tired of going underwater with a basic watch. He wanted something that would be resistant to water from up to 100 meters down, so he could safely practice his activity in style. Diver watches have managed to achieve popularity throughout America, even in places like Kansas and Oklahoma.

You Care About Your Presentation

As much as we know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that doesn’t mean that first impressions are worthless. Rolex uses a type of steel that is not only more expensive than other options on the market, it’s also much more difficult to work with. They accept this challenge because the steel they use happens to look better, which is something their customers really appreciate. You can’t find their brand of 904L steel anywhere else, giving their watches a distinguished look. The idea is to boost the wearer’s confidence just a little when they’re in the middle of a crowd or exploring new territory. This type of steel not only holds up against rust and corrosion better than other stainless steel watches, it’s also easier to polish and care for (even after a few decades.)

You Care About Technology

Rolex has been pushing the envelope when it comes to technology for many years, and they’re not planning on stopping anytime soon. They have their own science lab when it comes to researching new kinds of watches and better ways to manufacture them. There’s as much time and effort put into finding the right lubricants for their machinery as there is put into finding better materials to make the watch’s most intricate components. If you ever had a chance to visit this modern marvel of laboratories, you’d probably want to check out the stress test room. Here you’ll find Sumo wrestlers sitting on Rolex watches, and mythical monsters attempting to break them apart with their claws. (Or maybe you’ll just find scientists simulating general wear and tear on the watches to make sure they can hold up.)

Precision Matters to You

Rolex wants their watches to keep (accurately) ticking for as long as possible so their products can become legacies for new generations. For all the talk about machines and technology, there are still plenty of skilled human hands who have a say about the final product. All of their movements, as well as the bracelets, are manually assembled because it makes for a better quality product. Rolex has a very simple philosophy when it comes to delivering what their customers are looking for. They believe if a machine can do a job better, then machines should be allowed to take over. But when a human hand is called for, then no expense should be spared to get the kind of precision that a Rolex calls for.

Rolex watches have managed to make its mark on millions of people for a number of reasons, but one of the primary ones is their quest for perfection. Those who may not know very much about the brand still know that these watches have a certain history and background behind them that makes them special.

For those who love the brand and cherish its developments for luxury buyers everywhere, their appreciation stems from Rolex’s sincere commitment to both their product as well as their customers.

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