Patek Philippe Luxury Watch Guide

In the world of luxury watchmaking, Patek Philippe is in a class by itself. Long established as one of the big three elite Swiss watch brands in the entire world, the brand has been synonymous with luxury, style, and classic timelessness. While purchasing a Patek Philippe isn’t for the faint of heart, it is truly a fashionable investment that will only appreciate over time.

Innovative Beginnings

The brand started out as a pioneering partnership in Geneva in 1851. Polish watchmaker Antoni Patek joined French watchmaker Adrien Philippe to create the world’s first perpetual calendar complication, along with a chronograph, slipping spring winding system, split-second hand, and minute repeater complication in an elegant wristwatch design. The partnership between these two men evolved into one of the world’s most innovative and luxurious watchmaking brands. Their unmistakable designs, contribution to the industry, and pristine attention to detail are infused in each timepiece.

Patek Philippe watches have long graced the hands of royalty, world leaders, and the rich and famous. One of the brand’s early models that was worn by the Countess of Hungary popularized the rectangular case set perpendicular to the bracelet, along with a baguette movement, diamonds, and gold filigree.

patek philippe luxury watch guide

Most Complicated Watch Movements

By the turn of the 20th century, Patek Philippe was busy perfecting one of the most complicated pocket watch movements. The watch was commissioned by an American automobile engineer to contain 10 complications. The double-faced timepiece displayed five hundred stars on the reverse side to mark the wearer’s birthplace.

In 1989, Patek Philippe commemorated their 150th anniversary with the most complicated watch in the world. The famous Caliber 89 required six years of research and development from more than 2,000 drawings and two years of assembly. Each element of the watch’s 39 complications is exquisite with fully functioning astronomy charts, time of sunrise, sidereal time, and a recurring Easter date. The watch is so precise that it even adds a day to February to accommodate for leap years, while it leaves it out for every 100-year interval. The end result of this extraordinary watch was intimidating, as a double-faced piece, it is the size of a palm and measures in at 4.5 inches thick.

A Sports Watch With Exacting Standards

The brand doesn’t just operate in opulent luxury. Answering the call to produce a sports watch that adheres to the highest standards, Patek Philippe released the Nautilus collection in 1976.

The collection brought the brand into a new realm of watchmaking prestige, giving it a youthful infusion. The brand has long been known for manufacturing mostly mechanical movements, whether automatic or manual wind, but ventured out with the release of quartz watches. It has even designed a prototype for a mechanical, digital wristwatch.

patek philippe luxury watch guide

The Most Expensive Watch In The World

Patek Philippe is also known for producing the world’s most expensive watch. In 1933, the prominent banker Henry Graves Jr. approached the brand to make an ultra-complicated pocket watch. The piece was designed to contain 24 functions. It set the record for the most expensive timepiece ever sold in 1999 when it went at auction for $11 million USD. It broke its own record again in 2014 when it went to one lucky buyer for $24 million USD.

The brand also holds the record for the most expensive wristwatch to be sold at auction with the sale of its yellow gold chronograph wristwatch with a perpetual calendar and moon phase display which was sold in Geneva for $5.5 million in 2010.

The Ultimate In Luxury

From royalty to celebrities and everyone in between, wearing a Patek Philippe is a symbol of luxury and style. The watch is made for those who are looking for understated grandeur and incredible craftsmanship.

DavidSW is delighted to offer a collection of carefully curated Patek Philippe watches. Whether modern or vintage, each piece has been lovingly selected and expertly examined and maintained to retain the elegance and longevity of the watch. We respect the heritage of this incredible watchmaking brand, by maintaining the value of each timepiece we sell.

If you’re looking to invest in one of these fine watches, our expert team is on hand to advise you on the best this brand has to offer. When you purchase a Patek Philippe form us you can rest assured that you’re getting the best in artistry, quality, and service.

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