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Time Out with DavidSW
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The 2016 Watch List

Over the last five years, we’ve developed a loyal community of wristwatch enthusiasts like you. From living legends and vintage finds to limited edition collections, you look to DavidSW for storied timepieces that feed your watch habit and keep your growing collection both timeless and timely. As fellow aficionados, we’re honored to be your go-to source for elusive, high-quality watches. This year, we aim to fine-tune the way we keep you up to date the latest inventory, news and upcoming events. It’s with that in mind that we’ve launched the all-new DavidSW newsletter. We know time is valuable, and it’s why we’ll never inundate your inbox with information that doesn’t matter to you. When you receive an email from us, you can be sure it’s packed with relevant, entertaining, useful content that’s designed for you: the watch enthusiast who wants to be the first to know. 



Coming Soon: The New App by DavidSW

It’s just a matter of time before we launch our long-awaited DavidSW mobile app, a brand new way to find the watch you want, when you want it. Users will receive custom push notifications anytime our inventory is updated, delivering our thoughtfully curated watch portfolio directly to your smartphone. This extension of our website will allow you to browse, purchase, sell and trade anytime, anywhere, from any IOS and Android mobile device. Users looking to sell or trade their watch will have the ability to upload photos of their watch for a custom evaluation and a seamless, hassle-free transaction.

Features will include:

    • On-the-go access to our curated watch portfolio
    • Custom push notifications anytime new inventory is added
    • Notification of sales and special events
    • Ability to purchase, sell and trade in-app
    • Simple checkout for easy shopping
    • Available on iPhone and Android (coming soon)

Our engineers are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the app. Watch your inbox for more details.


Upcoming Events


SIHH | January 18-22, 2016

In just a few days, 16 of the top watchmaking brands will debut their new 2016 releases — and we’ll be the first to arm your wrist with them.



Baselworld | March 17-24, 2016

Hot on SIHH’s heels, then biggest annual watch fair is only a couple of months away. Be sure to check our site — and your app — to get your hands on the watch world’s most-talked about timepieces.

Exciting Week Ahead!

Starting Monday is SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) for 2015. This is a convention put on mainly by the Richemont Group in Geneva to showcase some of the new and exciting pieces that will be released in the coming year. Not to be confused with Baselworld, SIHH does give a decent representation of what we can expect some of this year’s trends will be in the watch world. Will the vintage inspired theme continue? What will be groundbreaking? Will there be any unexpected releases that will shock the public? These are all questions that will be answered in the upcoming week.

The resource I use mostly to track SIHH is Hodinkee. They provide up to date news on the event and tend to not “spin” a one sided point of view.

As for the DavidSW, we are still working very hard to increase the site’s inventory while showcasing some really interesting timepieces. Keep your eyes peeled this week as we will have some really great “Daily Deals” coming in to the site.

Hope everyone has a great week!


WatchRecon keeps you up to date!

This week’s Blog Post is about a cool App that many use to find out what we have and when we update our website here at DavidSW.com. I’m talking about WatchRecon. Admittedly, I am not that in touch with the app as my position puts me in front of fine timepieces all day, every day. So with that said, I asked a forum member about his thoughts on the App.

Many thanks to forum member “streetracer101” on The Divewatch Connection for his input!

“Watchrecon is a search engine that keeps track of for sale offerings on the major watch forums..ie watchuseek, timezone, rolex forum, etc.. It is especially nice for when you’re looking for a specific model or like buying from a specific seller because it constantly feeds posts from the major venues people sell on. This saves you from having to search each forum individually. It is free to use and there are app’s available for both android and iPhone.

Some Pro’s – It is free and saves time and energy; plugs you into sites that you might not normally go to.
Some Con’s – You’ll buy more watches 🙂 Also, there is about a 40-60 minute lag, so sometimes by the time an alert is posted, the watch has already been sold.”

That being said, I immediately downloaded the App to my iPhone and I’m off and running! The interface seems very straight-forward and easy to navigate.

It’s amazing how technology has changed the way that we can all find that special timepiece without having to leave the comfort of our own home!

Just be sure to check out our site for current and up to date inventory to combat the lag time streetracer101 mentions above or drop us a line for current availability on our “Contact Us” page!

Hope everyone has a great week!


Product Spotlight- The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept

Recently, we had the pleasure of listing an extremely rare and limited timepiece on the site. This is none other than the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept. We are very excited to have such an interesting piece and this week I will tell you a little more about it.

For the Royal Oak Concept Watch, Audemars Piguet let loose the technical wizards at Renaud et Papi. The caliber 2896 is not based on any previous movement blank orebauche, not even as a starting point. Completely and radically new, “from the ground up,” every major structure, plate, sub-system and assembly is conceived and produced in-house. A fine way to end, once and for all, the over-emphasized and increasingly tiresome debate, “is it in-house?”

What is nearly impossible to convey, in pictures or in words, is the sheer radical beauty of the movement. Unlike any movement previously seen. There are those that might be initially off-put by the industrial-high-mech look of the plateaus and clear geometric shapes of what would normally be the dial, with its asymmetrical symmetry; the clear segmentation of areas of the dial and back.

Alacrite 602 is a super alloy consisting of 57% Cobalt, 31% Chrome, 5% Tungsten, with trace amounts of Carbon, Silicon and Iron. This particular form of Alacrite has a Vickers hardness rating of 430. Extremely difficult to machine, each Concept Watch case required nearly 60 hours to complete (compare to just under 2 hours for each Royal Oak in SS)

Made in a limited edition of 150 pieces total spread over 3 years, the CW1 itself is a mighty cool timepiece. Though it measures 44 mm in diameter, similar to an Offshore, it is much longer, and curved.
Inside is the cal. 2896 from Renaud & Papi. All the bridges and the base plate are titanium.
At 12 o’clock is the dynamograph display, which indicates the quality of the torque in the mainspring.
Over at three is the linear power reserve indicator.
Then at six o’clock is the function selector display – “R” for remontoir (winding), “N” for neutre (neutral) and “H” for heures (hours, or time-setting).
The button in the case at four activates the function selector; the crown does not need to be pulled to adjust the time.
And at nine is the tourbillon with its eye-catching tourbillon bridge in spark-eroded Titanium.

I was in awe of this technical masterpiece knowing I may never see another one again. What are your thoughts?



Happy Holidays from DavidSW.com!

The Holidays are in full swing here at DavidSW. We are packing boxes daily and working through till FedEx cannot pickup any longer! As you may have noticed, I cleaned out the “Newly Listed” file and am starting from scratch again this week. Every Sunday I will clean out the section so you may stay on top of what exactly has been added for the week.

With that said, this week I would like everyone to stop for one moment and think about what the Holiday season means to them. From time to time I try to stop everything and just enjoy what life has offered me whether it be family or friends. Feel free to comment below what the Holidays mean to you and your family, some traditions you celebrate, and most importantly….What watch will you be wearing?!

From all of us at DavidSW, we wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!



Quick Guide Through DavidSW.com

Launch day was crazy! As you probably noticed, we encountered a few bugs that we had to work out. Fortunately everything seems to be running smoothly at this point in time. I wanted to take some time to get you accustomed to some of the new and exciting things we have that you may not have seen yet.

DAILY DEALS! Be sure to check out our Daily Deals section, these are watches we have sitting in stock ready to go at a very aggressive price point. I will be adding daily (except weekends) and putting as much description as we can possibly think of. We are very excited to add this section to the site as it has never been done before. Check often, but don’t wait…or you may miss out!

NEW ARRIVALS! This will be a 7 day running log of what I am adding daily to make it simple to see exactly what has changed without having to scroll through everything. This category will reset every Sunday.

ACCESSORIES! Be sure to check out our accessories section. Bezel Bracelets, Boxes, Straps, and other items are just a few of the things that may interest you!

BLOG! Well, your already here. But be sure to check out my weekly blog. My goal is to make this an area to feature some of the cool watches that David and I really like as well as become a place for some great information.

As you probably have noticed, items come and go very frequently. As best as I am trying to get our inventory online as quickly as possible, the fact is I only have about 25% of our stock listed at this time. You wouldn’t believe just how quickly the days fly by here at the DavidSW office! Please do not hesitate to Contact Us via the site if there is something that you are looking for or that you would like us to acquire for you. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a great week!




Welcome to the DavidSW Blog!

Thank you for visiting DavidSW! We hope you are as happy to be here as we are. It has been a lot of work and many long hours for us to be able to bring to you our new Website. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Dan and I’m responsible for photography as well as updating content on a daily basis for DavidSW.com. I was introduced to fine timepieces as a child growing up by my father. It was during my childhood that I came to respect and admire the craftsmanship associated with manufacturing and designing these small works of art. As I grew up, I began expanding my knowledge and learning more about the movements that made these watches work. In a nutshell, I was hooked!

Fast forward to 2012 where I left the world of medical devices to work in sales for one of the Big 5 watch manufacturers. I was finally living my dream of working in a market where I had true passion. Alas, working directly for a manufacturer with fixed pricing proved difficult in a retail environment. After all, I have always been first a foremost a collector at heart and knew that in a boutique setting my customers were paying up to 30% more for an “experience” and that just never was justification enough for me.

Enter DavidSW. Like many of our clients, I met David through the online forums. I was always thoroughly impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, and attention to details. It was his intention to take his business to the next level. And so we are here today. We will be having many things you will not see on other websites like Daily Deals, Accessories, and many rare timepieces from around the world. I hope you enjoy your stay with us and please feel free to contact us should you have any questions!