How to Choose Your Everyday Timepiece

There are a lot of different styles of watches on the market with a wide range of functions. The ability to check multiple time zones? Leather versus metal bands? Waterproof up to 50 meters? The broad array of options ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle, but it can be overwhelming when you get started. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re ready to find the timepiece for your everyday life:

How do you spend your days?

Depending on your profession, you may have very different needs for your trusty timepiece. Some watches are designed for a sporty lifestyle with features like extremely breathable mesh bands, an impact-resistant design, and waterproofing.

Other watches are intended for tech-lovers. These come with a plethora of features above and beyond simply telling the local time. This can include everything from the ability to check on multiple time zones, highly precise chronographic functions, tachymeters, and more. Narrowing down what functions you’d like will help you hone in on the right brand and model for you.

What is your personal style?

Do you dress to impress in your day to day life, or do you favor more understated elegance? Some watch designs are heavily influenced by the aesthetics of bygone eras. This lets them fit seamlessly into more conservative working environments. Because they’re created with an eye toward classic styling, they will look just as stylish 50 years for now. That makes them a good investment if you’re looking for a piece to pass down to your children.

Meanwhile, other watches embody a cool, experimental style. They may look just as at home on James Bond’s wrist as on yours. These timepieces often feature more unusual materials and shapes within the design. You may find warm, luxurious wooden bezels, eye-catching watch faces in nontraditional stone, boldly contrasting colors and patterns, and more. These accessories require a certain personality to pull off, but they do draw the attention of a room.

Do you have a budget range?

Keep in mind that you will probably be happier with a quality watch in the long run. Luxury brands often have decades or more of experience in creating reliable timepieces. These accessories also epitomize style, elevating your day to day outfits.

Even if you do have budget restrictions, many luxury watch brands also produce more affordable lines for the market. These may have a more limited number of bells and whistles or be made of slightly less unique materials. However, a luxury watch brand takes pride in every model it puts out. These budget-friendly watches are crafted with the same high standards and attention to detail as the higher end models.

Would you like a specialty watch?

Some people can’t find the right watch in a standard collection. Others want to make sure they’re sporting a one-of-a-kind piece. If this sounds like you, it may be time to look beyond the general catalog. Many watch manufacturers put out limited runs of specially designed watches to celebrate company milestones, special events such as the Olympics, and movie tie-ins. This is a great option for you if you want to stay on trend and join a very exclusive club of fellow watch enthusiasts.

Next, you have customized and customizable watches. In the first case, you request what features you’d like a watch to have from the selection available. This is often seen when it comes to watch bands, for instance, where you choose between several colors and materials. If you want more flexibility in your personal style, you may want to purchase several bands and swap them out yourself, creating a customizable selection. This option gives you more versatility for your ‘everyday’ watch.

Finally, consider tapping into the thriving market of vintage watches, many of which are in fantastic shape. If you’re interested in investing in a piece of history, you’ll want to go through a reputable vendor. They will be able to authenticate the piece and thoroughly check it over, ensuring it is in great working condition.

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