Which Watches Make the Best Investments?

A luxurious watch is a finishing touch to any classy look. However, a high-quality watch provides more than a stylistic boost to your attire. It also makes a great investment. That’s right. You can actually invest in timepieces.

Properly Define Investment

Before moving on to which particular timepieces are good investments, it’s important for you to properly define what it means to you to “invest” in a watch. If your goal is to make money, you obviously want a watch that you can buy and then resell later for a profit. If you simply want a watch that will hold its value, though, over the course of several years, that is a different goal.

Whether you aim to make money or just keep the money you have invested, the following are a few of the brands you will want to look for when buying luxury timepieces. This information is based upon a Bloomerg Video entitled Building a Watch Portfolio: The Four Brands to Invest In. Mr. Steve Kivel, a Central Watch owner shares in the video the four brands that he feels should be part of every watch portfolio. He also shares how much return you can expect to get from these particular watches:

Breitling Navitimer

This particular watch is presently listed at $4,475. Mr. Kivel estimates this brand will increase in value by 30% over 10 years. The after ten-year return would be around $1,342.00.

About The Breitling Brand: The Breitling brand was founded in 1884. This company is a leader in wrist chronograph complication. They are one of the only brands to equip all their models with the ultimate token of precision thanks to their chronometer-certified movements. They take pride in the fact that they produce their own mechanical chronograph movements, in their own workshops. It is also one of last remaining independent Swiss watch brands on the market.

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is priced at $7,475.00. According to Mr. Kivel’s estimations, this watch will experience a growth in value of 50% over the span of 10 years. This means you can expect a return of around $3737.50.

About The Rolex Brand: Rolex is a name synonymous with luxury. This brand also happens to hold the distinction of being the brand that pioneered the wristwatch in 1905. The Rolex brand has traversed the planet on the wrist of adventurers and explorers. It has been taken to the top of the highest mountains and into the depths of the deepest oceans and not missed a beat.

Omega Seamaster

This Omega watch is priced at $6,375. Mr. Kivel estimates this brand to increase in value between 50 and 55% percent over ten years time. This figures to be a return of $3,188-$3,506.00.

About The Omega Brand: Omega is another brand that tends to come to mind when luxury is mentioned. This brand holds the distinction of being space-bound thanks to the fact that their watches were worn by a group of astronauts in flight. NASA “flight qualified”the Speedmaster model of the watch to be worn during training and flight. The watch was even featured in the movie Apollo 13 that accurately portrayed the astronauts of that flight wearing Omega watches. Speaking of movies, Omegas have also been featured in the James Bond films several times. Since 1848, Omega watches have gone beyond the limits first believed to exist for watches, and they remain on the cutting edge of innovation in their field today.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

This particular model of watch retails for around $14,975. Mr. Kivel believes this brand will increase in value anywhere from 40 to 50% over the span of 10 years. This would give you a return of $5,990-$7487.50 over that time.

About The Patek Philippe Brand: Some of the Patek Philippe’s rarer models break the $1 million mark, making it one of the more pricey options. Due to the brand’s propensity to use complicated mechanics within the watch to ensure precise timekeeping, it is considered one the most prestigious brands you can own by many aficionados and experts. This Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1851 is still impressing those in the know within the luxury market.

If you have ever thought of investing in watches, consider purchasing timepieces from the four brands listed above. They are a great foundation for any timepiece portfolio.

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